Maiden City Projects Secured With H&J Martin

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Maiden City Projects Secured With H&J Martin

8 Mar 2011

Corlin have done just a few projects with H&J Martin since its foundation but they were always a company we tenered to and hoped to work some more for. Following a small piece of work to some chimney steel at the Guildhall in Derry it has been most welcome to have secured the remainder of the Painting package on this project and also to have secured the Painting and Firestopping packages at the Northern and building in Shipquay Place, Derry.

It is an added bonus to have two projects that are literally a stones throw from each other. In these times you are glad to secure work in any area so it is nice to have two relatively local jobs to us in Derry.

We thank H&J Martin for these and hope this is only the start of our relationship with them. We look forward to showing what we can do and that these are successful jobs for both companies and that we work together on more projects in the coming years.