Secured a Part in a Western

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Secured a Part in a Western

24 Oct 2013

We at Corlin have always noticed how Western Building Systems outside Coalisland were picking up projects all over Ireland and it was great to see how a company could still make very successful strides even in such difficult economic conditions and even more so when its another Tyrone company (have to be a bit parochial now and again).

This obviously gave us a great interest in trying to ‘get in with them’ and trying to secure a project or two to try and build a relationship.

Gladly we have been able to complete 3 school projects to date in Ballytober, Knockloughrim and Ballyclare and we hope this is just the start of many more in the future. Western have a refreshing way of doing business we find ansd we wish them continued success on all their projects, whether we are involved or not, in the future.