Demand for Quality Still Alive

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Demand for Quality Still Alive

28 Apr 2011

As we all know we are living and working in very difficult times and the securing of work is a lot more difficult than a few years ago. Corlin have put in a concerted effort into securing painting projects in the higher quality end of the market and in particular in the Heritage sector that we have been working successfully in.

It has been encouraging to see that even in this difficult climate that these high quality projects are still out there and we have been lucky enough to have secured some of them such as the private work we have to do for Mr. Mc Cullagh in Bellanaleck in Co. Fermanagh. This involves the painting and decorating of his very impressive new house. We are very glad to be working again with Janice Mc Hugh, the interior designer and we know that the standard of finish required by the client will be of the highest level. Corlin are also at a very advanced stage in securing the painting work to houses at Mount Juliet, Co. Kilkenny for Quinn Reddin.

We have also tendered for some other projects in Northern and Southern Ireland, again which come under the umbrellas of Heritage and high quality and we have our fingers crossed that we will be sccessful in securing them and expanding this element of our business.