Titanics Wee Sister

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Titanics Wee Sister

21 May 2012

2012 is always going to be remembered among other things for being the Centenary of the Titanic disaster. Anyone who has visited the Titanic Quarter in Belfast will have been very impressed with the developments that have taken place there.

We at Corlin were keen to be connected with the works going on there and the recent contract we have secured there is a very exciting and interesting for the company. One of the less well known connections to Titanic is the SS Nomadic which was also built 100 years ago at Harland & Wolff and worked on by the same craftsmen who worked on Titanic. She was built to carry passengers out from the Port of Cherbourg in France to the great White Star Liners which were too big for the shallow waters of the Port. Indeed Nomadic is the last surviving White Star ship anywhere in the world.

Tracey Bros. in Enniskillen were awarded the main contract for the internal works which will involve the refurbishment of Nomadic to its former glory and we are delighted to be working with them on it. Corlin have a long standing relationship with Tracey Bros which we greatly value and these strong links and ability to work together will be vital on this type of project. We look forward to working closely with Consarc on this job too, who we have worked with on several occasions before.

This job will fit in well to our portfolio of Heritage projects and while very challenging we know our team will give every effort to bring the contract through successfully.