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Corlin Get The Downton Experience

2 Apr 2013

The Mount Stewart Estate outside Newtownards is a very impressive estate backed up by the huge numbers of visitors it receives. There are beautiful grounds to the property and the Estate House is breathtaking.

Given how our Heritage Contracts are valued so highly by us to have secured the Decoration package for Mount Stewart is a hugely important development for Corlin. Our works there will be mainly for H&J Martin the Main Contractor and for the National Trust directly also. Painstaking attention to detail will be required to perform the re-decoaration but as important will be to preserve the character of this property. A ‘new’ Mount Stewart is not what is desired and even some blemishes will be maintained to let visitors get an appreciation for the age and history of it. Even by just working on it you get a great appreciation of the estate and what it must have been like at one time and still is.

All our efforts will be given to ensure that the desired quality levels are achieved and we look forward to working closely with the National Trust and H&J Martin to ensure that this happens.

These projects do give some sleepless nights but they are the exciting type of project that gives everyone an extra buzz and makes some of the hard times worth while.