Nomadic Set for Sail

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Nomadic Set for Sail

7 May 2013

Well not quite, she needs an engine and a lot more water to be able to sail but the renovation and upgrade works have been completed and she has been fully re-decorated. Corlin are very proud of the finish that our team has been able to achieve in such an important Heritage project.

Like a lot of our projects a high quality finish has to be achieved while all the time being mindful of the history involved and wanting to maintain that element. Hopefully huge numbers of visitors will come to see the SS Nomadic in its ock in Belfast and that they will be impressed with the job that has been done on it……………………….and that the Painting work receives a positive feedback.

Its always great to work with partners who you have long standing, successful relationships with and this was the case here with Tracey Bros. and Consarc being involved and doing such a great job on this ship.

Now……..All Aboard!