Continued Thanks to Tracey Bros.

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Continued Thanks to Tracey Bros.

25 Jul 2014

Visitors to our web site will be aware of the long standing relationship Corlin has had with Tracey Bros. of Enniskillen. The recent recession I am sure created many challenges for Traceys but they continued to secure contracts and we are delighted to see that they are very busy again. This hopefully is a sign that the economy is now recovering.

We have been lucky enough to have secured work on some of their recent projects and this is very important to Corlin to maintain this relationship which is almost historical at this stage. in 2014 some of the projects we have worked on are: Clones Erne East Sprots Complex, Capita Offices throughout NI, NUI Maynooth and most recently on their project at Parliament Buildings in Stormont.

With Stormont it is nice to be working on such a prestigious project with a company like Tracey Bros. We wish them a very successful job which I am sure they will have given the team they have on site.

The Benefits of Working Local

13 Apr 2014

Corlin, like nearly all companies have to travel to wherever the work is so it has been a nice break from the norm to have recently completed the Fire Protection works at the new Fire Station in Omagh which is just ‘up the road’ for us. To add to this we were very glad to have secured the contract from Lowry Bros., a very successful Building Contractor from our home town of Castlederg.

The works consisted of the Intumescent Fire Protection of the structural steel and also the Firestopping works. This is a very impressive complex and much needed in the West Tyrone area.

Thanks go to Richard and Jayne who we found very good to work with and we hope to continue this working relationship with them into the future.

St. Catherines Open to the Liberties Once More

2 Feb 2014

We have now completed our redecoration works at St. Catherines Church in the bustling area of Meath Street in Dublin.

The finished product is very impressive considering the fire damage that had to be overcome and there is a great blend of new work and conservation of the old. Great care was taken and the design team led by Howley Hayes Architects and the Contractor Conservation & Restoration.

Colrin are very proud to have worked with them and been associated with this project, which you could see was very important to all the people in the Liberties going by the visitors who came in when access was available. We wish them and the local Parish many years to enjoy their Church.

Secured a Part in a Western

24 Oct 2013

We at Corlin have always noticed how Western Building Systems outside Coalisland were picking up projects all over Ireland and it was great to see how a company could still make very successful strides even in such difficult economic conditions and even more so when its another Tyrone company (have to be a bit parochial now and again).

This obviously gave us a great interest in trying to ‘get in with them’ and trying to secure a project or two to try and build a relationship.

Gladly we have been able to complete 3 school projects to date in Ballytober, Knockloughrim and Ballyclare and we hope this is just the start of many more in the future. Western have a refreshing way of doing business we find ansd we wish them continued success on all their projects, whether we are involved or not, in the future.

Little Treasure in the Middle of Ireland

16 Oct 2013

Corlin are delighted to have completed the re-decoration works to the Church of St. Carthage in Raha, County Offaly. This is a beautiful, quaint, small Church that has to be accessed by walking through a field from the road. It is still in service but it holds extremely high Conservation and Heritage value which is easily gauged from speaking to James Howley the Architect who has an vident passion for the project.

This area is an ancient area of worship with a Church being on this site for well over a thousand years now.

We are delighted with how the job has turned out and congratulations go to Norman Sproule, the Contracts Manager, Barney Doherty the Foreman and to Mark Hoynes and Eugene Carlin who worked on it. The feedback from the design team has been very positive and we very much hope that the Parish and the congregation are as happy with the finished product and that the Church goes on in service for another millenium and more.

St. Catherines Marks the Continuation of Dublin Church Works

19 Jun 2013

There are times when contracts are secured through very unfortunate circumstances. The St. Catherines Church in Meath Street in Dublin is such an example. Re-decoration is called for here due to a terrible fire a couple of years ago that done extensive high level damage, particularly to the roof.

Through our works in similar Churches and with experts like Richard Ireland in this field we got the opportunity to tender for this project and I am glad to say were successful.

A lot of painstaking enabling works are to be done by the Contractor Conservation & Restoration and we will be working closely with Alan and with James Howley Architects to come up with solutions.

The roof timbers will require re-decoration with the careful attention being given to preserving the character of the Church. This will be the case for the entire Church. The Church is a certain age and this needs to be reflected while also supplying a quality finish.

We look forward to working with the design team and client and to what surely will be a beautiful Church once finished.

Nomadic Set for Sail

7 May 2013

Well not quite, she needs an engine and a lot more water to be able to sail but the renovation and upgrade works have been completed and she has been fully re-decorated. Corlin are very proud of the finish that our team has been able to achieve in such an important Heritage project.

Like a lot of our projects a high quality finish has to be achieved while all the time being mindful of the history involved and wanting to maintain that element. Hopefully huge numbers of visitors will come to see the SS Nomadic in its ock in Belfast and that they will be impressed with the job that has been done on it……………………….and that the Painting work receives a positive feedback.

Its always great to work with partners who you have long standing, successful relationships with and this was the case here with Tracey Bros. and Consarc being involved and doing such a great job on this ship.

Now……..All Aboard!

London Calling

5 Apr 2013

On the back off the successful project done at Queens Wharf Reading Corlin are delighted to have renewed our relationship with Writehand Limited and Atlantis Properties in securing the external re-decoration project for the City Walk Apartment building in Bethnal Green in the East end of London.

We are sure that the positive working relationship we had with both parties will continue on this project and it marks another very valuable step for us in our portfolio of projects on the British mainland.

Corlin Get The Downton Experience

2 Apr 2013

The Mount Stewart Estate outside Newtownards is a very impressive estate backed up by the huge numbers of visitors it receives. There are beautiful grounds to the property and the Estate House is breathtaking.

Given how our Heritage Contracts are valued so highly by us to have secured the Decoration package for Mount Stewart is a hugely important development for Corlin. Our works there will be mainly for H&J Martin the Main Contractor and for the National Trust directly also. Painstaking attention to detail will be required to perform the re-decoaration but as important will be to preserve the character of this property. A ‘new’ Mount Stewart is not what is desired and even some blemishes will be maintained to let visitors get an appreciation for the age and history of it. Even by just working on it you get a great appreciation of the estate and what it must have been like at one time and still is.

All our efforts will be given to ensure that the desired quality levels are achieved and we look forward to working closely with the National Trust and H&J Martin to ensure that this happens.

These projects do give some sleepless nights but they are the exciting type of project that gives everyone an extra buzz and makes some of the hard times worth while.

Titanics Wee Sister

21 May 2012

2012 is always going to be remembered among other things for being the Centenary of the Titanic disaster. Anyone who has visited the Titanic Quarter in Belfast will have been very impressed with the developments that have taken place there.

We at Corlin were keen to be connected with the works going on there and the recent contract we have secured there is a very exciting and interesting for the company. One of the less well known connections to Titanic is the SS Nomadic which was also built 100 years ago at Harland & Wolff and worked on by the same craftsmen who worked on Titanic. She was built to carry passengers out from the Port of Cherbourg in France to the great White Star Liners which were too big for the shallow waters of the Port. Indeed Nomadic is the last surviving White Star ship anywhere in the world.

Tracey Bros. in Enniskillen were awarded the main contract for the internal works which will involve the refurbishment of Nomadic to its former glory and we are delighted to be working with them on it. Corlin have a long standing relationship with Tracey Bros which we greatly value and these strong links and ability to work together will be vital on this type of project. We look forward to working closely with Consarc on this job too, who we have worked with on several occasions before.

This job will fit in well to our portfolio of Heritage projects and while very challenging we know our team will give every effort to bring the contract through successfully.